Mission of the Department of English

The department of English prepares students to become critical thinkers, competent communicators and professional interpreters. The department is also dedicated to develop curriculum and effectively maintain research activities and community projects.

Mission of the Department of English

The department of English strives to achieve high standards of academic excellence and contribute to the production of knowledge in English language, literature and translation studies nationally and internationally.

Department Goals

  1. Enable students to develop knowledge in English language and literature; and acquire language and translation skills needed in the job market.
  2. Develop students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  3. Promote students’ creativity and learning skills though classroom work and extracurricular activities.
  4. Enable students to communicate information confidently and efficiently in spoken and written discourse.
  5. Promote diversity and teamwork that would help students work in a multi-cultural environment.
  6.  Help faculty enhance their research performance and contribute to national and international knowledge production.
  7. Provide technology-based learning environments that would ensure and secure academic integrity and research ethics.

BUC Graduate Attributes

  1. Oral and written communication: Ability to communicate arguments and ideas clearly in oral, visual and written forms and to various audiences.
  2. Critical thinking: Ability to critically evaluate, analyze and interpret information from various sources to formulate their own understanding.
  3. Problem solving: Ability to apply logical and methodical approach to define and investigate problems and formulate creative solutions.
  4. Ethical decision making: Autonomous individuals able of personal and project management skills including organization, working to deadline, time and resources management and an awareness of relevant ethical and legal frameworks.
  5. Technology skills: Advanced IT competences and proficiency in the use of internet sources.
  6. Team-work spirit: Ability to work as part of a diverse team with multiple perspectives showing interpersonal skills and an appreciation for sharing, cooperating and working towards common goals.
  7. Value citizenship, locally and globally: Loyalty and a strong commitment to the social, economic and cultural development of the nation and an understanding of diversity issues and international contemporary issues. 
  8. Value diversity: Respect for the diversity of different perspectives and inter-cultural awareness that fosters multi-cultural competence and open-mindedness.