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Introduction :

Believing in the importance of the role played by higher education institutions to contribute to the preparation of youth to contribute in the process of construction and development , Al Buraimi University College has established a training, consultancy and community service department so as to provide an opportunity for all members of society for a continuous education and training in various fields as well as services and development programs for local community`s individuals and institutions. Since the rapid developments in business, professions and globalization will keep the business world in a highly ongoing competitiveness while providing plenty of opportunities, the department, then, has developed a lot of programs that enhance the knowledge, skills and attitudes of individuals, so that the individual can face the market challenges and the jobs requirements and can take advantage of the provided opportunities. These programs have been developed on the basis of appropriate theoretical, practical and scientific studies. Al Buraimi University department of training, consultancy and community service is one of the important college tools to provide community-based services. The department is specialized in the provision of consultancy and studies on the public and private sectors in all fields. In addition, it provides various training programs which aim to raise the efficiency of human resources through the adoption of scientific and practical methodology in the process of the implementation of the training courses. Thus, we rely on local and international experts with special expertise in capacity building.