Business Administration and Accounting Department.


Vision of Department :

The Department of Business Administration and Accounting, Al Buraimi University College aspires to be amongst one of the best departments, through high quality teaching & learning and research.   We want to develop strong ties with business and local community in order to develop market driven specialized programs to offer for undergraduate students.

Mission of Department :

The Department of Business Administration and Accounting aspires to be one of the leading departments in the region in providing high-quality education, research, and community service.

Goals of Department :


To equip our graduates with the ability to think critically, evaluate and solve real life business problems. 


To ensure that the graduates are ready with numerical skills, leadership qualities and research techniques which enhance their ability in their work environment.


To ensure that students learn and exhibit excellent communication skills in their workplace.


To enable our graduates through group work or assignments to work effectively in teams. 


To provide adequate academic and professional knowledge to our graduates to work for various positions in business and industry


To develop all required entrepreneurial skills.