Al Buraimi University College established the Admission and Registration Department as a part of its policy which considers, students as the center of educational process. This department organizes different activities related to the students' affairs from the moment of their enrollment, till the moment of their graduation. For this purpose, it has been supplied with specialized staff, necessary programming and modern equipments to facilitate different activities and procedures for students.

Admission Dead Line

Students are advised to enroll into the college within the below specified two periods:

Students can enroll at the beginning of the first semester every academic year. The applications for admission can be submitted from June 15 to September 15.

Students can enroll at the beginning of the second semester of every academic year. Applications can be submitted from January 15 to February 15.

Admission Requirements

The student must have successfully completed his/her general secondary education or its equivalent from Oman or any other country. In case of completing the secondary education outside Oman, the student must attest his/her certificates and transcripts from Oman ministry of education.

The college welcomes the new graduates of secondary education as well as the graduates of past years.

The college accepts the applications from all students regardless to their nationalities. It also grants foreign students who like to join the collage, a residency visa.

Procedures Of Students Admission

  1. Original transcripts of the secondary education
  2. Authentic and attested certificates for the secondary education documents
  3. A photocopy of the student's identity card
  4. A photocopy of the passport
  5. An endorsed copy of the birth certificate
  • The college announces the commencement of receiving admission applications via the various means of mass media every semester.
  • The student goes to the admission and registration department and do the following procedures:
  1. Fill the college enrollment application form fully and without any mistake in the assistance of a person in charge there.
  2. Pay the registration fees (100 OR) in the accountant’s office.
  3. Give the enrollment application form along with the certified documents and receipt back to the admission and registration department.
  • The registrar inserts some information about the student into the computer directly and gives the student his/her temporary university ID number signed and stamped properly. Then the student can take the identity card from the department of students’ affairs.
  • The student takes a letter from the admission and registration department and goes to a medical center where he/she can obtain a medical test certificate.
  • The student is informed of the appointment of the English placement test.
  • The student goes to the college on the announced dates to take the English placement test.
  • The student goes to the college to complete the registration procedures for the semester in which he/she is admitted according to the dates announced by the admission and registration department.